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Intense Cycles Tracer T275C Foundation - 2016

Intense's Tracer T275C Foundation opens up new lines and shows you fun… [more]

Intense Cycles M16C Factory - 2016

The M16C Factory Build is a world-class, downhill racing machine with a… [more]

Intense Cycles Carbine 29C Expert - 2016

It only takes a quick glance to see that Intense's Carbine 29 Expert Build… [more]

Intense Cycles Tracer 275A Expert - 2016

Fit, function, and feistiness make Intense's Tracer 275A Expert the kind… [more]

Intense Cycles Spider 275A Pro - 2016

Intense's Spider 275A Pro weaves a perfect line through your favorite web… [more]

Intense Cycles Carbine 29C Factory - 2016

Big wheel rollability meets small wheel whippability with Intense's… [more]

Intense Cycles Spider 29C Expert - 2016

Intense's Spider 29C Expert Build is nimble and fast through your favorite… [more]

Intense Cycles Tracer T275C Factory - 2016

Epic rides are born from a combination of good friends, great trails, and… [more]

Intense Cycles Tracer T275C Pro - 2016

Rip? Shred? There are a lot of words to describe how awesome Intense's… [more]

Intense Cycles ACV Foundation Build - 2017

The new ACV (AIR CUSHIONED VEHICLE) is a specifically designed 27.5+ bike… [more]

Intense Cycles Spider 275A Expert - 2016

Intense's Spider 275A Expert weaves a perfect line all over your favorite… [more]

Intense Cycles M16C Pro - 2016

The M16C Pro Build is a world-class downhill racing machine with a World… [more]

Intense Cycles ACV Pro Build - 2017

The new ACV (AIR CUSHIONED VEHICLE) is a specifically designed 27.5+ bike… [more]

Intense Cycles Uzzi Foundation - 2016

Counting down until opening day? Intense Cycles is right there with you… [more]

Intense Cycles Tracer 275A Pro - 2016

Turn the trail into more than just dirt and rocks—make it your personal… [more]

Intense Cycles Tracer 275A Foundation - 2016

Intense's Tracer 275A gets started with a welded-in-southern California… [more]

About Intense Cycles

It all started in a garage. In 1991, Jeff Steber built a 3-inch-travel full-suspension bike in his Lake Elsinore, California home. A year later, he refined the design incorporating CNC machined parts and sealed bearings. By 1993, overwhelming demand made Intense Cycles a full-time business and forced a move out of the garage and into a 1,500 square-foot industrial space. And Jeff designed a 5-inch-travel Intense specifically for downhill applications.

An Intense frame waits to be welded. Three years later, Shaun Palmer won the NORBA National and took Silver at the Worlds in Carnes, Australia aboard an Intense. At this point, Intense Cycles was a 3-man operation, struggling to meet demand. So, Jeff signed Marv Strand and Brad Stewart to form Intense Cycles Incorporated. And, the 4-inch-travel Uzzi Sl is born as a "long-travel" trail bike.

2001 saw a lot of changes for the boys in Cali. The Uzzi evolved into a 7-inch freeride bike, Intense moved into a 20,000 square-foot facility in Temecula, California, and Jeff teamed up with Santa Cruz Bicycles to help develop the awesome VPP suspension platform.

A CNC'd Intense shock link. So where are they today? They're still in Temecula California, handcrafting every frame in house with the precision and love only true artisans can apply. All raw materials originate from the USA as well, such as the Easton EA-6 tubing found on all their bikes. Intense takes great pride in knowing that each frame is by their hands, never by another company, or worse, overseas. That's their promise of quality to you.

With an intense drive to hone and perfect their mountain bikes, the future is wide open. Stop by our shop today. Run your fingers over the bead of a perfect Intense weld, kick a tire or 2, but most importantly, test ride an Intense. Once you do, you'll know.

Swing by Westwood Cycle soon to see all our Intense Cycles and take a test ride!